Universal Team Builders is the most reputable Corporate
Team Building organization in Malaysia.

We provide professional corporate team building solutions and fun team building activities across Malaysia and Asia that suites our clients needs and requirement. Whether the purpose of your team building is to strengthen the existing team, build a high performance team, launch a project-focused group, build a stronger cross-functional group or simply to enjoy an interactive team event, we have the right solution and package for you.

We are also well known for our ability to relate the experiential learning activities in our team building programs to our clients business needs and corporate environment.



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We provide Team Building solutions that helps create a more productive and enjoyable working environment to both employees and employers. Our Team building programs can help:-

  1. Create a more productive and enjoyable working environment
  2. Resolve relationship issues in the organization
  3. Create better passion and ownership to the organization
  4. Improve business processes by improving relationship among process owners
  5. Improve better interdependence between departments and business units
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P Proven and tested successful team building approach.

E Experienced facilitators. All our senior facilitators has a minimum of 10 years experience in training and learning development.

R Reliable support team that takes ownership of every client and every program.

F Fun and exciting learning methodology.

E Expert in large scale programs. We are the most experience team building company in the country for handling successful large-scale team building programs.

C Customized solutions. Our programs are always tailor made to our clients objective.

T Track – record. We have a good track record of delivering safe and successful programs to some of the most well known organizations in the world.