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Is it important to have team building session during pandemic?

    Is it important to have team building session during pandemic?

    The ability for employees to work together as a united team has been the success factor for many big corporations. To the general public the reason why these corporations’ functions so well is because these corporations have good ‘corporate culture’. This is not some thing that is achieved overnight but over many years and continuous interventions. One such interventions is having team building from time to time. Some people call it team bonding, others call it team development, and at times it is guised as a simple company outing. The fact is ALL SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES organizes Team Building session for their employees from time to time.

    It has been a culture for some organizations to have team building every year. In fact, the event is something that employees look forward to. For some it’s the only event that employees get to really have a good social chat and laugh together and it happens only once a year or once in two or three years. To management, it is a great platform to iron out issues concerning their work talents and improving business interdependency within the organization.

    So, is it important to have team building session during pandemic?

    The answer is YES! As a matter of fact, there is a more imminent need to do so during this pandemic.

    The reason? The pandemic has been going on for more than a year. People are adapting to a new work from home culture, the new norm. Yet this new norm brings with it new challenges and has its down side.

    Employees are starting to feel ‘left out’ and irrelevant even though they are contributing to the company. Their daily activities are confined to getting task and assignments done and submitting to their superiors via digital platforms which if they are lucky, will be replied with a standard thank you.

    For employees who have families with them at home, work from home (WFH) is more about managing distractions. However, an employee who is confined alone at home and working in ‘isolation’ it can be a mentally challenging situation as humans are known to be social animals. More than 50% of todays workforce are single man and women.

    The above examples are just a few from the many more situations faced by todays WFH community. While there is no long-term solution for it, there are some short-term solutions available, one of it is by having an occasional online team meet or online team building sessions.

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